Kila, Alessandra

Calabria Upon Return

Kila, Alessandra: Calabria Upon Return

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London 2015, 38 pages, 11 colour plates, Concertina and loose sheets, 12,5 x 17 cm
ISBN 978-0-9927527-1-2

Hand made, letterpress printed wraparound cover

Edition 300, numbered

Calabria Upon Return by Alessandra Kila is a collection of poetic impressions in photographs and words gathered over a number of years on visits to the artists home-region of Calabria in southern Italy. The unbound book is held together, physically and metaphorically, by a poem that weaves through Alessandra’s melancholy portraits of friends and strangers and photographs of dry, sun drenched landscapes.

Alessandra’s beautiful photographs and frank text are a moving personal reflection on the physical and psychological state of abandonment Calabria finds itself in; - economically and culturally sidelined and subsequently left behind by the many who, like Alessandra Kila herself, have chosen to emigrate.



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